1. Challenges and opportunities of digital social innovation


Jan 30 2024


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Digital brings challenges and opportunities

Digital tools and design can effectively improve “problem solving”、"Decision Making",and improve productivity。

The right digital tools can improve and help your project or business grow。At the same time, it helps to establish and maintain relationships with customers and partners.。

Digital innovation and entrepreneurship helps you re-evaluate your talents

We believe that in the digital age,There are various possibilities,through innovative products or services,make our society better。Review and examine the talents you possess、Resources and passion,Re-reading "You Can Change More Than You Think"。

New entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business

Start a business,It means you have started a special and uncertain journey,use innovative methods,Bring changes to the communities or groups you care about,and continue to support more communities in this connected network,Make this society a better place。


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