Digital Transformation Toolkits

Dynamic Toolkits for Each Key Step

We present an innovative approach to ensure the success of digitalization and platformization initiatives tailored for SMBs.

Our three types of Toolkits are meticulously crafted to support the digitization process of any business, organization, or project. These Toolkits are tailored to facilitate the following three key steps

Transformation Step A:
Dynamically digitize workflow

Feature Of Our Cloud Studio

Advance Cloud Storage

A highly secure data asset management system ensures easy access from any location and seamless integration with various workflows

Office and various collaboration

A robust online office suite featuring collaborative editing and compatibility with all major document

powerful communication

Provides on-premises audio/video conferencing and text chat, seamlessly integrated with screen sharing, adaptable to your workflow.

Flexible Project management

Integrated with Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Deck, and other productivity tools, it fosters quicker and simpler collaboration for teams, entirely on their own terms.

Toolkit 1: Cloud Studio transforms every workflow

Developed based on the Nextcloud system, a leading open-source content collaboration platform utilized by millions globally. It seamlessly integrates collaboration, communication, and remote project workflows, with support from over 250 apps

Transformation Step B:
Deliver through cloud-based services

Building a web service based on the WordPress system

WordPress, the leading open-source CMS, currently powers over 8.35 million websites as of 2024. It offers a vast range of functionalities, enhanced by a library of over 5000 plugins.

Toolkit 2: AI Website for Customer Service Operations

Build Websites To Streamline Marketing, Sales, And Value Delivery Processes Automatically

Transformation Step C:
Align digital activities with your business model on a unified platform

Highly customizable with your own domain, branding, and theming. Tailor features, configure workflows, and seamlessly integrate external applications to meet your business’s specific requirements.

Toolkit3: A Dynamic Platform That Grows with Your Business

Online Course

Learning and Transforming Step by Step

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