Dynamics Platform building and modelling

Integrated digital solutions for business platformization

Transforming any business into Platform-based model
Design, develop, and implement a flexible and adaptive digital framework to strengthen your business


Synchronizing the innovation of business models with the building of digital framework

Online Courses and Forum

Sustainable technology, maintenance, and ongoing learning


Implementing digital elements through the lens of Business Model Canvas thinking

Open Source Modules

Supporting businesses of any size or stage through the flexible composition of modules.


Deploy the digital framework as a comprehensive platform for your business.

Integrated Digital Solution

An adaptable and customized framework integrated with open source.

Digital Mindset: Essential Courses

For Startups and Business Model Innovation
2 weeks
£39 £33
Mapping and Implementing for Startups This course is designed to walk you through the process of developing and implementing a Lean startup. It wil...
18 Lectures
2 weeks
Business Model
2 weeks
£69 £65
Upgraded Business Model to Overcome Challenges In today’s rapidly changing market, it is crucial for leaders to be innovative with their busi...
27 Lectures
2 weeks
4 weeks
£99 £93
Transforming your business into a cost-effective, flexible, and adaptable platform Digital Social Entrepreneurship is a significant concept that le...
16 Lectures
4 weeks
From Ideas to Implementation

Elements: OpenSource Modules

Integrated into a scalable and flexible platform.

Cloud collaboration

Cloud storage, sharing, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Digital Asset and Data-Driven Applications

Deploying Cloud Storage, IPFS, NFTs, and Blockchains

Website and Cloud Service

Website, mobile app development, server building of video conference and messaging

Intergrated eCommerce Marketing

Reach a wider customer base, and track performance effectively

Online community building

Content curation, forum, and social networking platform

Knowledge Management and eLearning

eLearning, data-driven web content, and AI-Powered knowledge base

Based On Creative Common Open Source
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