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Guiding Your Startup into a Digital Business Framework

Digital Startup and Innovation

Weekly workshops: From idea to Digital MVP

Unlock the journey from your brand idea to creating a digital MVP with our expert guidance. Learn how to think strategically and execute creatively to prepare your business model for easy platform integration. Our workshops cover the following topics:


Navigating Opportunities in the Digital Age

Unleash creativity by exploring personal passions and real-world issues. Learn advanced techniques and skills, including AI, search, and interviews, to refine ideas


Tailoring Your Product and Targeting Your Customer Base

Define your product/service and conduct market surveys to pinpoint your target customer segment. Develop detailed personas through interviews and data analysis

Implementing Build-Measure-Learn Iterations

Build a Digital MVP, testing cycles leading to a comprehensive lean startup blueprint covering finance, channels, competitive advantage, and indicators

Innovative Business Model and Digital Operational Framework

From making product, organizing tasks, promoting, serving customers, and connecting with them through CRM. We’ll help you build a custom digital setup that fits your business model perfectly.

What can benefit to you enterprise?

Step-by-step guidance

Our expert-led modules cover everything from idea generation to MVP development and beyond, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills to thrive in the digital landscape.

Continue learning

Expand your knowledge with additional workshops focusing on digital business models, financial forecasting, and more. Plus, benefit from personalized 1-2-1 mentoring tailored to your unique entrepreneurial journey.


Join our vibrant online community to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, and forge invaluable connections that fuel growth.

Empowering support

We’re not just a course – we’re your partners in success. Receive hands-on assistance in finance, marketing, product development, team building, and beyond, setting you up for success from day one.

Why you need us

Unlocking Digital Age Opportunities

It is crucial for any business to think and operate digitally, encompassing marketing and service delivery in digital formats.

Online Courses for digital startups

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Mapping and Implementing for Startups Embark on a transformative journey with our course designed to guide you through the exciting realm of Lean s...
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Digital Startups Workshop

Step into the Future of Entrepreneurship:
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Digital Startups Workshop