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Digital Framework for Social Projects

digital Platform for sustainable social Innovation

Digital entrepreneurship platforms facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, breaking down silos and promoting cross-sector partnerships. By connecting individuals, organizations, and institutions, these platforms foster a culture of innovation and collective action, where diverse perspectives converge to develop impactful solutions to societal challenges.

However, numerous social actors encounter challenges when attempting to transition their workflow, value proposition, and revenue model to sustain their team and the outcomes of social impact within the contemporary digital society.

Research from the European Union (EU) highlights the crucial role of digital entrepreneurship platforms in driving social change

Partnering for Social Impact

We develop a dynamic framework for digital social entrepreneurship to build platforms for social projects at any scale. Additionally, we partner with social impact organizations or individuals to collaborate on DSE actions through platform co-creation and education via online courses, workshops, and mentoring

Our DSE Mission

  • Developing an Adaptive Digital Framework to Support the Platformization of Social Actions


  • Co-creating Platforms for Social Impact Organizations and Projects


  • Courses & Workshop for Digital Social Entrepreneurship


Recent Social Project

Online Courses: Building Through Learning

Digital Framework
4 weeks
Unlock the Power of Digital Integration! Learn and Elevate Your Business! 🚀 Ready to dive into the world of seamless collaboration, digital develo...
16 Lectures
4 weeks

DSE Framework for Social Actions at Any Scale

Our DSE Framework is highly adaptable, seamlessly integrating into the workflow of social actions to drive transformative change. It leverages digital technologies to provide innovative solutions, foster collaboration, and empower individuals and communities

DSE Framework inspired by Alex Osterwalder and developed by SEcostars

Recent DSE Project

Female DSE Startup WORKSHOP

We are creating various video learning platforms for collaborative entrepreneurial communities, to shape as a supportive network along personal and business development

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