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Stella Chan

Co-founder & DSE Consultant

Stella, currently based in London and serves as the founder of SEcoStars. I am also a tutor of DSE Modelling and Integration Developer for Social Entrepreneurship and Digital Framework.

Over the years, me and our team has integrated open-source systems and collaborated with organizations in Taiwan to create social innovation platforms.

After finished my master’s degree of social entrepreneurship in 2022, I want to combine social entrepreneurship and digital innovation to support business model innovation. That’s the beginning of SEcoStars.

We aim to support entrepreneurs to have a practical digital strategy for their business and social impact.

Xiang Fox

Co-founder UX/UI Developer

Xiang, our co-founder and senior engineer, is a serial entrepreneur and founder of CommNPO Cooperative, specializing in UI/UX design for social innovation platforms.
His extensive experience and expertise encompass digital solutions, research methodologies, platform design, and maintenance. He collaborates effectively with government departments.


DSE Collective

CommNPO since 2015​

Our team, CommNPO Collective Network, is composed of members from diverse backgrounds, encompassing social work, ICT, urban design, and business management. Since 2015, we have been committed to collaborating with various organizations to develop social innovation platforms. The DSE (Digital Social Entrepreneurship) initiative is our endeavor that harnesses our proficiency in social entrepreneurship, technology, and community practices to deliver online services for startups and the reinvention of business models.

The DSE Framework Based on Open Source

This image is inspired by the report and we make some adjustment. Reference: European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, (2020) New technologies and digitisation : opportunities and challenges for the social economy and social economy enterprises. Publications Office. https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2826/667682

Recent DSE Project

Young adults mutual support and
Video learning platform

We are creating various video learning platforms for collaborative entrepreneurial communities, designed for young adults to shape mutual networks for them