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Scalable Engagement Forum

Launch Your Dynamic Platform for community business

Instantly launch a community-driven business to enhance growth through networking and engagement

Built on the powerful Discourse Forum, Cloud Forum serves as the networking component integrated with the Digital Asset and Collective, as well as learning blocks in the DSE Framework

Community Building

  • Enable the creation of an online community, fostering engagement and interaction among customers, employees, and stakeholders
  • Encourage discussions, share information, and foster a sense of belonging within the community

Customer Support and FAQs

  • Providing customer support by establishing dedicated categories for FAQs and common issues
  • Users can find solutions to problems, and businesses can address customer queries in a transparent and collaborative environment

Knowledge Sharing

  • Facilitates knowledge sharing by allowing users to post and discuss topics, share expertise, and contribute valuable insights
  • Creating a knowledge base within the forum, providing a centralized source of information for the community

Feedback and Suggestions

  • Businesses can collect valuable feedback and suggestions from customers through the forum
  • Discourse’s voting and liking features enable users to express preferences, helping SMBs prioritize features or improvements

Event Announcements

  • To announce and discuss events, webinars, or product launches through video conferences
  • Becomes a centralized hub for event-related discussions, registrations, and post-event feedback

Moderation and Security

  • Offers robust moderation tools, enabling SMBs to manage user behavior and ensure a positive community environment
  • Security features, such as anti-spam measures and user trust levels, help maintain a secure and trustworthy forum environment

Why US

Building a forum tailored for your business model

Implementing horizontal and vertical scaling
to adapt to development

Community FOrum Building

Deployment specifications (Monthly Service)

Server Management (Monthly Service)

Scaling and Integration (Upon Request)

Why Discourse Forum

Features for every use case

Enables thoughtful discussion and meaningful connections with features for every use case, from tracking product feedback to sharing your latest creations, now with the added support of AI.

Endless ways to customize

Keep the discussion healthy, on-track, and free from any inappropriate content with our best-in-class moderation tools and AI.

Quick chats and thoughtful discussions

An integrated experience for chat and long form discussions enables members to build relationships while your community builds knowledge.

Powerful moderation tools

Keep the discussion healthy and on-track with our best-in-class moderation tools.

Fully open source and Truly portable data

No matter where your forum lives, you retain full ownership of your data. No lock-in, no hidden fees, no data sent to advertisers.