Scalable CONTENT Service

Launch Your Dynamic Platform Rapidly

Swiftly deploy a versatile and dependable Content Center, boosting customer relationships and transactions

Utilizing the robust WordPress platform, the Content-Centric system functions as both marketing/sales and networking/customer relationship components within the DSE Framework. It seamlessly integrates with learning and collective blocks, either within the same platform or externally with plugins, facilitating system upgrades as needed.

Customization for providing the best customer experience

  • Provides a wide range of themes and plugins that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs and branding of SMBs.
  • AI aids design and customization, allowing businesses to create a unique online presence without significant development costs

User-Friendly Content Management

  • Offers an intuitive content management system (内容管理系统) that allows even non-technical users to create, edit, and manage content easily.
  • Update websites without relying on developers, saving time and costs.

Marketing of Content, email, and CRM system

  • Powerful tools for content marketing, email, and CRM systems.
  • Utilize the built-in blog feature to regularly publish valuable content, emails, and CRM automation, improving engagement with your audience

E-commerce Capabilities

  • With plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress transforms into a powerful e-commerce platform.
  • Users can easily set up and manage online stores, including product listings, payment gateways, and inventory management.

E-learning Capabilities

  • provides e-learning capabilities through various plugins and themes designed specifically for online education
  • Creating and managing e-learning courses, making it accessible for educators, trainers, and organizations.

Social Media and Community Capabilities

  • Enhanced with plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress, can extend its capabilities to include social media-like features.
  • Features emulate social media networks, enabling users to connect, share updates, participate in discussions, and build a sense of community within your website

Integration with Third-Party Tools

  • WordPress integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party tools and services.
  • This includes CRM systems, email marketing tools, analytics, 和更多, allowing SMBs to streamline their operations.

Why US?

Building a content service platform for your own business model
with high-end specifications
and managing scalability adapted to your development needs.

Content Center Building (Single Service)

Deployment specifications (Monthly Service)

Server Management (Monthly Service)

Scaling and Integration (Upon Request)

Why WordPress


Ease of use enables you to go online and start publishing swiftly. Nothing should hinder the process of getting your website up and sharing your content. WordPress is designed to facilitate this


WordPress empowers you to build a variety of websites, ranging from personal blogs and business sites to portfolios and online communities. Themes and plugins enable you to enhance and personalize your site, and you can even create your own applications

User Management

Administrators oversee the site, editors handle content, authors and contributors create content, and subscribers maintain a profile. This structure allows for a diverse range of contributors to your website, with others simply participating in your community

Extend with Plugins

WordPress comes with an array of extensible features, backed by a multitude of plugins. You can integrate intricate galleries, social networking tools, forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, precise controls for search engine optimization, and customizable forms.

SEO and data Control

Utilizing WordPress ensures exclusive access to your content. You own everything — your website, your content, your data. It comes optimized for search engines straight out of the box