Digital Asset Base FRAMEWORK

Scalable Cloud Studio

Launch Your Dynamic Platform Rapidly

Quickly launch a flexible, reliable cloud studio,
enhancing capabilities and productivity

Built on the powerful NextCloud Hub, Cloud Studio serves as the central component seamlessly integrated with all blocks in the DSE Framework, Implementing horizontal and vertical scaling to adapt to modeling innovation and overcome challenges

Customization and Integration

使用您自己的網域進行高度客製化, 品牌推廣, 和主題. 客製化功能, 配置工作流程, 並無縫整合外部應用程式以滿足您業務的特定要求.

Security and Privacy

Self-hosted, Cloud Studio offers enhanced data control, customizable security measures, and powerful management for a digital asset center, especially beneficial for handling sensitive information.

File Sharing and Sync

Offers a secure environment for real-time collaboration on documents, presentations, and various files, ensuring that everyone works on the latest versions. It also provides synchronized connections with comments and notifications.

Collaboration and Collective

Seamlessly integrate with external applications like OpenAI, MS Office, Google Mail, SuiteCRM, and OpenProject. Streamline file management within the project workflow, covering mail, calendar, comments, messaging, and video conferences

Real-Time Communication and Automation

Supporting instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, it enables team members to communicate seamlessly. This feature is integrated with various collaborative tools and even utilizes AI to automate workflow processes.

horizontal and vertical scaling

Enable vertical scaling (such as CPU and RAM) for your Cloud Studio, while also seamlessly adding more aligned machines or applications to dynamically expand functions to meet business requirements.


Building for your business model with high-end specifications
and adapte to your development needs

Cloud Studio Building (單一服務)

Digital Asset-centric Platform adapting your Modeling

Local AI Server Building (單一服務)

Consider utilizing the OpenAI API, which comes with a monthly fee and provided data, or choose Self-hosting with LocalAI through your Cloud Studio, providing a free API and ensuring no data out.

部署規範 (包月服務)

伺服器管理 (包月服務)

擴展和集成 (根據要求)

Why Nextcloud Hub

Combining potent tools within a unified platform

Enhance cross-platform productivity, foster seamless collaboration, and ensure robust data security and monitoring company-wide.

NXC hub Cloud STUDIO


Text, AI, and Collective


Robust encryption features alongside an integrated rule-based File Access Control

A contemporary and user-friendly web interface, desktop clients, and mobile apps. Experience real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, wherever you are

Files: introduction


Files: in action


An influential online office suite that accommodates major document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats

Generate and work collaboratively on documents while in a video call, attach them to tasks, view them in the Mail editor, or directly edit them on your desktop.

Document introduction


Document collaboration


Ensure the privacy and security of your online discussions, meetings, and video conferences

Provides on-premises, distinctive secure private audio/video conferencing, text chat via browser and mobile interfaces, featuring integrated screen sharing.

Talk Introduction


Talk collaboration


Your emails, calendars, and contacts are stored on your private infrastructure, with no third party having access

Groupware provides user-friendly webmail, calendaring, and contact features to streamline your team’s tasks, seamlessly integrated with Nextcloud Files.



group collaboration