Female DSE Startup

We provide the unique method which combine social entrepreneurship and digital technology to deliver this Female Digital Social Entrepreneurship Startup course.

Through decentralized digital tools and community building, we will guide you step-by-step to develop your business plan. What’s more, we will help your to make it happen through lower cost digital business model .

Integrated digital、social、entrepreneurial (Social Entrepreneurship) entrepreneurial methods,Through digital entrepreneurial tools and the establishment of cooperative communities,and through intensive workshops,Introduce the latest social entrepreneurship methodology from the University of London, UK,Guide students step by step,Develop a business plan that suits your background,Then use a low-cost or free digital business model,Concrete implementation of entrepreneurship。

what you can get

course features


through online workshops,Accompany you to gradually formulate your concept,Testing of Entrepreneurship Concepts、Digital tool application,to the implementation of the operating plan。

Thinking drill

Import practical visual operation tools,To assist you during the course,Inventory and describe your own operating model canvas、Financial planning, etc.。

Entrepreneurship community

Community support and companionship,It is an indispensable part of the entrepreneurial process,through interactive forums,Allows you to talk and communicate with peers during the learning process,stimulate possibilities。

digital innovation

Original digital operations canvas,Help you find the digital tools that meet your operational needs,At the same time, these solutions combined with open source software,Can expand and adjust with your operational development。

Why you must care about this issue

Female autonomy and self-growth

"Female Entrepreneurship" has many courses or coaching projects in this name in domestic and foreign markets.,because for several generations,Whether in business,cultivate,and the overall economy,Opportunities and achievements for women,Proportionally much smaller than men,Therefore, both the public and private sectors are keen to promote such projects,In response to the social trend of gender equality and improvement of production resources。

However,The characteristics of "Female Digital Entrepreneurship Community Course" in social innovation and entrepreneurship (Social Entrepreneurship) entrepreneurial methods,and the establishment of digital tools and mutual aid communities.,I hope that the entrepreneurial process can support women in their self-development、social life,and economic income while achieving sustainable results.。

because,The culture of women in the current social system、Business、family、Emotions and self-development and more,The challenges and opportunities it faces,are significantly different from men,Therefore, it stimulates the female community as the main body,the social situation of women,The need for tailor-made social entrepreneurship courses。

For example,In Taiwan’s existing system,Women in the family of origin,married family,and in the relationship between husband and children in nuclear families.,all play a supporting role,Such a three- or four-tiered relationship of hard work and compromise,for one's own economy,social,All three types of development, including self, have great limitations.。 According to government statistics,Taiwan in 2022,About 330,000 women have chosen to leave their jobs because they have to take care of children or parents.。

And under this rigid role restriction for a long time,,not in society,economy,Play an active role in cultural activities,The space for exploration in life is limited,Self-development has also been greatly suppressed。

How the course works

Learn from practice

Provide teaching courses on four major themes through online workshops,Cooperate with interactive forums to provide step-by-step guidance and companionship,Take you to complete your own operating model canvas,Make your own digital MVP!


We are a team that focuses on and promotes digital social innovation and entrepreneurship,Through an original digital operation framework,Assist individual entrepreneurs、organize、Enterprise development and deployment of appropriate digital tools,While exerting social influence。


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