Startup For Seniors

Make your talent and skills sparkle in digital world

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Step by step to guide you generate your business idea and launch your unique entrepreneurial journey.

Value and purpose

Explore your business ideas

2 hours

Value proposition

Finding your potential customers

2 hours

Lean startup thinking

Customers demands and product

2 hours


Testing your offering

2 hours


Digital social entreprenuership

2 hours


Digital framework and tools

2 hours


Revenue model and forecast

2 hours


Build your platform

2 hours

Our community

In our online community, you can exchange thoughts and ideas with other students. To connect and support each other along the learning journey.

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After the foundation courses, you can learn more advanced knowledge and tools to support your business operation.

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Business Blueprint

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Weekly online webinar, we will follow your business journey to provide suitable knowledge and tools to support your startups.

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