The Interface Of Each Lesson: Video page

This is the interface for each video lesson, while the text lesson and assignment page have different content, but all share the same header and footer.
1.The Course Name |
2.The Section Name |
3.The Lesson Name |
3.The Lesson Name |
4.The curruculum |
5.Question |
6.Wishlist |
7.Accessibility |
8.Dashboard |
9.Video play/pause |
10.Checked Subtitle |
11. Scrolling
12. Control bar
13. Transcript
14. Outline
15. How to Use
16. Tools in this Lesson
17. What We Are Working On
18. What's The Next
19. Disscusion in The Forum
20. Reply in The Forum
22. Mark Complete
21. Privious Lesson
23. The Next Lesson
Below is the overview and related links for the participants in these courses.