Reinvent Business Model Canvas

Reinvent Business Model Canvas

The Outcome of Your Canvas-Thinking Journey

Butterfly Diagram

Begin by exploring innovation ideas through the intersection of the world and yourself.

Butterfly diagram

Value Canvas

Then, Analyze the dynamics between customer needs and the product/service that carries your value proposition

Lean Startup CAnvas

Finally, map these elements onto the Lean Canvas to formulate an action plan for the build-measure-learn cycle. We can then develop the DSE Framework to support operations within each block of the Lean Canvas. Once we've built mutual product/services and customer relationships, we can adapt the DSE framework to the BM and SEBM Canvas.

DSE BM Model Canvas

After constructing a practical plan using the Lean Startup Canvas, we are now building the DSE Framework for our business operations.

Business Model Canvas

Mapping a comprehensive infrastructure for business operations, we utilize the Business Model Canvas to examine the dynamics between each block. The blocks in the Business Model Canvas can be developed and refined to create solutions through business development.

SE Business Model Canvas

Based on the BM Canvas components, we're reorganizing each block into an SEBM Canvas to support social and legacy enterprises in merging social value into their business model.