The Steps in The Composed Courses

Tutorial on the Learning, Bâtiment, and Adapting Process at Various Stages

Through our well-structured courses and community forum, you will complete your DSE learning journey via these steps.


For startups or reinvention, we must revisit the Butterfly Diagram as our starting point to explore our vision, mission, and value proposition, deeply rooted in the personal world.


Leverage Value Canvas tools to transition your environment into a market, craft value propositions for your target customers, and create offerings tailored to their needs.


Construct your Lean Startup Canvas, providing a rapid-action roadmap for your concepts.


Examine different Business Model Canvases, assessing potential Innovation for your value proposition, product/service, and customer segment in digital and social context


Integrated social ,finance and digital elements into a innovated business model, as a comprehensive paltformized acting and thinking framework.


Implement a digital framework with a Social Entrepreneurial business model for continuous building, measurement, apprentissage, and developmen

Below is the overview and related links for the participants in these courses.