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Digital Transformation Startup Service

DSE Modelling and Platform Building

  • The Power of Digital Startups

    Digitize your business with our platform-building service. Extend your reach, cut costs, engage with customers, and make well-informed decisions backed by data-driven insights.

  • Own a private platform

    Content collaboration platforms boost productivity but pose risks to critical data control. Owning a private DSE platform, an on-premises solution, enables online collaboration without compromising compliance and security.

Platform building through

Roadmap of Digital Entrepreneurship

Develop an interactive Digital Framework aligned with Business Modelling
What you can have
  • Canvas-Thinking Methodology

    It utilizes canvas-thinking to map out your business from passion to market perspectives.

  • Value Creation

    It enables you to deliver social value with digital solutions

  • Dynamic Digital Platform

    You can create a flexible and scalable digital platform tailored to your business model

  • Platformization

    The framework guides you in platformizing your business operations.

Great business model can reshape industries and drive spectacular growth.

Digital Modeling & Platform Building Courses

2 weeks
£39 £33
Mapping and Implementing for Startups Embark on a transformative journey with our course designed to guide you through the exciting realm of Lean s...
16 Lectures
2 weeks
Digital Framework
4 weeks
Unlock the Power of Digital Integration! Learn and Elevate Your Business! 🚀 Ready to dive into the world of seamless collaboration, digital develo...
16 Lectures
4 weeks

What can you benefit from this course?

Learning and Constructing Your Digital Business Model

Why should I take these courses?

Startups frequently encounter challenges ranging from a shortage of personal passion to becoming mired in the planning and documentation phase, which hampers their ability to advance and measure customer interactions. The creation of a supportive infrastructure that aligns with business workflow and logic is crucial for real-world success.

Our online courses offer a comprehensive solution to help you overcome these challenges.

How can I achieve this goal?

The course begins by addressing personal and social value concerns and then delves into market and project execution perspectives using the Lean Startup methodology. Through canvas-thinking, it ultimately transforms your business model into a digital social entrepreneurship (DSE) framework, enabling exploration of new possibilities and opportunities to deliver both social and financial value

How can I deploy my own platform?

After completing your final task, you will receive a Digital Framework proposal to assist you in deploying it in the open-source market. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can manage the deployment and maintenance of the Digital Framework for you through advanced contracts.