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The DSE Framework adaptable for your business model

Adapting The DSE Framework For Your Business Model

The DSE Canvas is a framework designed to align with the four components found in all business models. It is recommended for startups and small to medium-sized businesses to systematically incorporate a variety of tools into an integrated platform, providing adaptable and scalable functionality. This approach enables you to incrementally develop your platform at a reasonable cost.

Startups and small to medium-sized businesses may discover that customizing a platform with an IT company can be costly, involving both initial production expenses and ongoing monthly maintenance costs. Over time, the platform may also require regular updates, influenced by operational insights, digital skill development, and changing market needs.

Furthermore, the primary challenge lies in integrating information systems with startup workflows. This integration needs to be gradual and interactive, aligning with the ‘build-measure-learn’ approach of Lean Startup. It necessitates flexible information systems in terms of functionality, scalability, and operation, rather than rigid, one-size-fits-all structures. Consequently, organizations must undergo a recognized process known as ‘digital transformation’ to align with information system frameworks.

We’ve designed the DSE framework as an open structure comprising numerous modular components, all harmoniously integrated into a versatile and reversible process. You have the autonomy to embrace the tenets of DSE, selecting these modules at your own pace while overseeing your team’s advancement in mastering and implementing these digital tools.

How DSE Supports Each Phase of Business Development

Startup: Need to establish various crucial operational components

Enterprises utilize the Lean Startup methodology to swiftly develop products or services, gaining a competitive edge. However, when entrepreneurs embark on launching a new or small-to-medium-sized business, they must establish various crucial operational components for their project or venture.

figure 1: Lean Canvas integrated into DSE
Modelling: Need to implement management systems for value delivery

These components encompass establishing connections with key partners, key resources, and key activities to set up a value production infrastructure, as well as structuring customer relations and value delivery channels. Additionally, they need to implement management systems for tasks such as customer surveys, engagement, participation, and communication.

figure 2: Business Model Canvas integrated into DSE.
Reinventing business into social and platform model

Moreover, it’s important to recognize that the social value conveyed through these channels significantly influences the quality and direction of your customer relationships and marketing-driven sales. Being attuned to the social essence of your business enables you to unearth deeper contexts for the value of your product or service, ultimately facilitating the creation of a competitive advantage within your industry environment.

figure 3: Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas integrated into DSE
DSE: adaptable and flexible framework for any Phrase of Business Development

DSE (Digital Social Entrepreneurship) empowers your business by revealing your startup’s social capital and constructing an integrated digital workspace for your business operations right from the outset. It provides an adaptable, flexible framework for your startup to enhance its innovation capabilities.

figure 4: DSE as a Dashboard of Digital Operation
Why We Are Here?

We have explored the process of reinventing a business model at each stage using the DSE framework.

What's The Next?

In the upcoming lessons, you will create your own DSE Framework by completing the form based on your current knowledge.

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