online platform/App for Safe Media

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The products and services that your value proposition is based on

Video sharing Community, with online family, video conference, Chatting, Album connection,VR Traveling, and. Connection with carer, family, supportor,, Neighborhood community service

Pains Reliever

in which way these products services and features are pain relievers ? how they eliminate reduce or minimize pains customers care about making their life easier?

Pain Reliver Enjoy rich media content while being protected from online fraud and bullying. Our platform also helps individuals overcome digital skills barriers and assists with aspects of family life, neighborhood engagement, and local area service managemen

Gain Craetor

which way they are game creators? have a produce increase or maximize outcomes and benefits that your customers expect desire or would be surprised ?

1. online platform/App for Safe Media/Connection 2. Qplax Family community/channels/chat/conference/family,/public. local support

Customer Job

The jobs your customers trying to get done

Elderly Individuals Frequently Seek To Reconstruct Their Social Lives And Contribute To Society In Productive And Positive Ways. Need Digital Skills To Enjoy Internet and Overcome Online Fraud And Bullying.


The customer pains that annoy customers and hinder their ability to get a job done.

Upon Retirement From Their Primary Occupations And As They Lose Contact With Their Children,Elderly Individuals Have Been Isolated From Active Social Contexts


how customers measure the success of a job.

support and care infrastructure for the elderly to regain a positive social context and meaningful relationships