DSE Framework

DSE for SEcoStars




Collective system

collaboration, communication, workflow integration

Nextcloud Hub, Groupware and Talks. Discourse Forum,Wesite


Decentration, Opensourse, Automation, Data-driven Activities

Constructed a Web LMS and CRM for social and email marketing, enabled online generation of Business Model Canvas, integrated an eCommerce payment gateway in the UK, implemented a Community Forum, and established a Cloud Hub for Collaboration and Digital Asset Management.


Social Media, Meaenger ,forum, Communuty

Our networking system is built around forums and courses, serving as both content and service marketing tools while fostering community engagement.

Marketing system

7 P Strategy content/email Marketing, Channels

Marketing is conducted through various channels, including web CRM, cloud services, and content (courses). An email list and social media platforms are also utilized. Key partners and word-of-mouth recommendations play a significant role in marketing the DSE platform proposal.

Digital Asset

Digital meterial and Property

Nextcloud Hub includes groupware for collaboration, Talks for conferencing and messaging, and is based on integrated external cloud storage.


LMS/KMS Client /Staff Education

Client education is supported through free courses, tools, and forums. Partners engage in learning through forums, video content, online document and book reading, as well as talks/forum discussions, all of which facilitate knowledge tracing and accumulation. Additionally, analytics are generated fr


ERM(Enterprise Resourse Management)

Internet Devices, various roles of Servers, and Cloud storage, and Collaboration, Online Payment Income




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