DSE Framework

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Collective system

collaboration, communication, workflow integration

I am going to use nextcloud as a cloud office to connect with my partners and potential customers.


Decentration, Opensourse, Automation, Data-driven Activities

Don't know how to write this box. Can you have some options that I can choose. It's hard to understand what does this means.


Social Media, Meaenger ,forum, Communuty

social media like facebook and instagram to connect friends.

Marketing system

7 P Strategy content/email Marketing, Channels

Have no idea what can be choose as I am not really understand what is my marketing strategy.

Digital Asset

Digital meterial and Property

Nextcloud, desktop, google drive, mostly I will save the document on my laptop and backup to cloud storage.


LMS/KMS Client /Staff Education

I am planning to use e-learning platform to teaching the core skills for my target audience.


ERM(Enterprise Resourse Management)

I don't know in early stage, what are important to cover and what can wait until I gain funding or more budget.


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