Engaging Video Learning and Mutual Support

The VISION/Mission and industry
To help young people transition into adulthood within the digital society.


To create a digital learning and supportive environment that fosters youth-centered, collaborative, inclusive communities.

A collaborative platform enables young individuals to learn, share experiences, and exchange knowledge through a curated library and tutorial courses

The e-Learning Industry

The e-learning industry has a large market with millions of learners worldwide. For example, The E-learning market in the UK is worth (2021-2026) 11.57 Billion(USD) and is steadily growing. However, it develops courses based on market demand and trends, lacking a specific focus on the needs and preferences of emerging adults.

The Social Media Industry
Social media platforms have a massive global user base, and we can track the monthly active users on various platforms as of 2022. For example, Facebook has 2.9 billion users, YouTube has 2.2 billion users, Instagram has 1.4 billion users, and TikTok has 1.0 billion users. It influences the self-esteem and self-image of young adults and can also pose risks to privacy and data security. However, it often prioritizes corporate interests over personal growth.
The Challenge
1. Multiple Needs for emerging adults
  • Personal growth and development: develop a sense of self-awareness, explore values and beliefs, and personal goals.
  • Social and emotional learning:communication skills, empathy, and relationship-building
  • Life skills: such as financial management, time management, and job-seeking skills.
  • Career development: develop job-searching skills, and succeed in the workplace.
  • Finances: manage fund plan for future.
  • Educational opportunities: to pursue their goals and build a strong foundation for their future.
2. Social media has negative impact on self-identity and perception
  • Impact on personal growth: enables the development of interpersonal relationships and connections, facilitating the discovery of like-minded individuals and fostering relationship-building.
  • Negative effects on well-being: comparisons with others on social media can increase the risk of anxiety and depression, posing challenges to their overall well-being.
  • Influence on self-concept and identity: regular engagement with social media exposes them to external influences that can affect their values and beliefs, leading to uncertainty about their own identity and future aspirations.
3. The current market lacks a cohesive approach for assisting young individuals
  • Health and wellness support: maintaining physical and mental health and wellness.
  • Housing support: stable living environment as the transition
  • Mentorship support : to navigate the challenges of adulthood
  • Legal support: securing their rights as tenants or employees.

The Solution

A online platform of video learning and mutual support platform Young adults
1. Video-based learning environment
They can acquire knowledge, skills, and insights through curated library
2. Inclusive social media
Group activities are based on values, identities, and friendships, and young adults are autonomous in social interactions.
3. User-based approach

They co-create learning content and have their voices through participation and collaboration.

Service / PRODUCT

  • Building Operating and Website server systems.
  • Website UX/UI design.
  • Curated video library categorized for emerging adults
  • Provides functionalities for video submission, playlist creation, channel management, commenting, messaging, and group formation
  • A Community Support Forum that offers anonymity for discussions, QA support, and peer support.
  • Diverse Channels, Courses, and Support for Multiple Needs of Emerging Adults.
  • Engaging young adults as co-creators in the course creation process, leveraging AI aids, video libraries, and tutorial
  • Members can utilize social media features, such as the video library, QA forum, and tutor guidance

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